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About Us:

Prestige Cheer Athletics is the All-Star cheer gym of choice in the area for athletes who want to be at the top of their sport in both skill and character! Our program is focused on building prestigious athletes in a close-knit family atmosphere. Our top-notch USASF certified coaches have led multiple teams throughout the years to paid bids, National Championship titles, & countless 1st place & Grand Champion wins. With their expertise in the sport, and culture of not only teaching but also modeling leadership skills, our staff provides the best of the best for your athlete to be at the top in their sport!


What is All Star Cheer? All Star Cheer follows the USASF Guidelines for skills, age and competition divisions.  Using the USASF Guidelines, Prestige promises to create the most competitive age AND skill appropriate teams for your athlete.


*Check out for more information regarding USASF skill levels and divisions.

Our Philosophy:
*We believe that teaching a prestigious character is the foundation for being a successful athlete.

*We build skills and winning teams by building character 1st.

* We believe that amongst all the hype of competitiveness in this growing sport, we will remain competitive while never losing sight of the core values of the sport.

Our Staff:
Our USASF certified coaches have trained and led teams that have won numerous national championship titles and have been nationally ranked at the top of their divisions in the nation. Our teams consistently win multiple paid bids each season to some of the industry's top National Championships each year, and have multiple National Championship titles.

No need for the "just a number" feel and loss of values that can come with some "mega" cheer gyms, when you can get top-notch training, become a standout in the sport, and be a STAR member of our family at Prestige! All within a welcoming, family culture!

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